Catering system

Catering system

1.   Introduction of food and beverage system

IC card food and beverage system components: IC card charging device, IC cardreader, food and beverage system software and IC card

After installing food and beverage system on the computer, use IC card reader todistribute and recharge card for user, user carries card to consume on IC cardcharging device, the consumption data can be transmitted to computer throughTCP/CDMA/GPRS/WIFI, form reports, consumption details can be checked in thesoftware. Each set of food and beverage charging system has a unique authorization code, cards can be consumed with internal charging device only inthe same set of charging system. There are not consuming rights for othercards, this strongly guarantees data exchange security, maintains businessinterests.

1.   System operating process

Data installationChargingsystem installationDatabaseconnectionPasswordamendmentReadauthorization cardSetbasic parameters(company information, canteens information, departmentinformation, meal settings, card subsidies and discount rate settings, cardcharging device communication port settings, recharge station settings, sectorsettings, terminal group settings, terminal settings) Download parameters to charging deviceDistribute operator cardRead operator cardDistribute user card(bulk cardavailable) Enter userdataUser card rechargeUser cardconsumptionTransactiondata collection and uploadReportforms checking

2.   Food andbeverage system function

a.   System settings

b.   Basic parameter settings

c.   Food and beverage parameter setting

d.   User rights management

e.   User card management

f.    Food and beverage report forms

3.   Food and beverage charging hardware introduction

a.   The main function of food and beveragecharging device

Periodand card consumption (fixed consumption)

Free consumption

Quota function

Card information checking

Consumption data counting

Two kinds of wallet (support “cash” and “subsidy”)

Extra charge function

Consumption discount

Consumption record checking

a.   IC card reader function



Operating VoltageAC220V/50Hz

Powerloss:≤3 W

Reading distance0-50mm

Readtime:≤0.3 second

MaterialMetal Shell

Read and writeRadio wave induction