Bus charging system solution

Bus charging system solution

1.  System Design Target

to establish a set of functional bus IC card charge management system which meets the needs of urban public transportation

to promote bus IC card charge system toward extension of urban one-card-pass systemupgrades and bus enterprise  productionoperations management system

to set up a good hardware and software foundation for informatization and electronization of bus enterprise

2.  System operation

The overall structure of the system includes IC card management center, sellingcard recharge points, data recovery points, equipped bus device and IC cards.After passengers purchase and recharge a certain amount of money into bus cardat selling card recharge points, they can consume on bus. When card amount is insufficient, the card can be recharged at selling card recharge points.Selling card recharge points and data recovery points will transmit sellingcard recharge data and bus transaction data to IC card management center, the management center will uniformly keep at central server the selling card recharge data sent from each selling card recharge points and daily vehicletransaction data. IC card management center stores all data of the system;process, count, analysis accordingly; clear system data at the same time.

3.  System features

3.1Real electronic  wallet

Non-contact read and write features, faster read and write speed. Support offline running.When charging POS is running offline, it can determine whether there is abalance in the card, whether the card has been reported or cancelled. There isno need to reply on database in the host computer. It effectively verifies thevalidity and legitimacy of the card.

3.2 Powerful blacklist management function

The system can carry on two management methods for loss card and write-off card:"all blacklist update" and "newly added blacklist update";In addition, cards can set its validity period when distributing. If use timeis beyond the validity period, no matter if the cards are loss or cancellation,all refused to use. The bus device has the capacity to store 91.88 millionblacklists. If passengers carry blacklisted IC card to swipe card, the busdevice will automatically alarm the ban on the card consumption. The bus devicewill also forbid using passenger cards which have been marked with a blacklist.

3.3Selling card recharge, passenger inquiriesand passenger services function

3.4 Data collection summary function (U disk data collection/ GPRS wirelesstransmission data collection)

4.  System equipment

4.1        Desktop bus card device



Communication InterfaceRS232

ReadingDistanceIC card<125px

Read Time≤0.3 second

DisplayScreen3.5 inchLCD color screen



OperatingVoltageDC 8V-48V/DC 12V

Storage Capacity91.88 million records

4.2 Handheld swipe card device



Reading DistanceICcard<125px

Read time≤0.3 second

Display ScreenHD LCDdisplay

Operating Temperature:-20~+60

Collection MethodGPRS/WIFI/USB

Operating VoltageDC8.2V

Card issuance capacity91.88 million pcs


4.3   IC card reader




OperatingVoltageDC 5V


Powerloss≤3 W



Operating Temperature-10~+60