Enterprise bus charging system

Enterprisebus charging system

1.   Enterprisebus charging system structure chart

Enterprise bus charging system components: bus card device (regulator, shielded wire), IC card reader, U disk, bus charging system software and IC card.
     Install bus charging system software in the headquarters server or computer, install bus card device in the bus as well, connect IC card reader with the computer of card charging point to keep communications between the computer and the headquarters computer. Use IC card reader to distribute and recharge card for users at card charging point, the data is transmitted to headquarters server through network. Passengers carry cards to consume on bus card device, the consumption data is collected through U disk or transmitted via GPRS wireless to headquarters computer. Each data automatically generate reports form, consumption details can be checked in the software. Each set of bus charging system has a unique authorization code, cards can be consumed with internal charging device only in the same set of charging system. There are not consuming rights for other cards, this strongly guarantees data exchange security.

2.    Bus card device main function

Fixed charge function (i.e., whole ticket fee system )
IC card automatically charging system
Complete swipe card record
Parameter setting function
Blacklist processing function
Operating income automatic statistics

3.    Overview of enterprise bus charging system function

a.    The whole system consists of hardware like computer, card device, IC card reader, authorization card and passenger card, etc.
b.    IC card is mainly divided into authorization card, operation card, passenger card.
c.    System management software divides into different levels of rights management, first: administrator, second: operator, third: personal inquiries, reported loss, hanging solution, password amendment.
d.    Bus terminal device stores 270 thousand pieces of detailed transaction data, the storage area is divided into 6 recycle sections of memory, when data is fully stored and collected successfully in the last section of memory, the bus terminal device will empty the first section of memory to save new data.
e.    All IC cards can be put into use after authorizing, distributing, recharging through this system, the system IC card uses 32-bit password to encrypt, it is authorization management, with high security performance.
f.    System software and hardware use modular structure design, fit wide range of application requirements, conveniently and flexibly upgrade and expand, just need to add corresponding hardware terminal equipment and software modules.
g.    Charge and count comprehensive automation management
h.    The system can achieve functions like card authorization, distribute cards, recharge, refund cards, make up cards, change cards, cancel cards, report the loss, hanging solution, information modification, data repair, etc.
i.    Each classification of reports form respectively check and count according to the year, quarter, month, day and time period.

4.    Data collection summary function

a.    U disk data collection function
b.    GPRS wireless data transmission function