Membership charging system

1.    System Overview

1.1     System security

1.1.1     Card security

  This system uses non-contact IC card (RFID card) as a user card, with a perfect password system; each RFID card has a unique and permanent number, which authenticates the security for RFID card, that is to use this number to produce various checks, so that equipment can confirm the RFID card based on this security certification system in distribution, consumption, recharge and query. RFID card which is not included in this system cannot be used here.

   Blacklist management, to prevent unnecessary losses for cardholder due to the loss and stolen of card.

1.1.2     Database security

   Database backup method uses full backup method

1. Network management is equipped with firewall, routing control and other multiple control.
2. Database mode: the backup function of database itself
3. Manual mode: database backup by one-card-pass system operator
4. Automatic mode: installed the system's server port to database server by authorized administrator, set backup time and path, start backup service.

1.1.3 System itself security

1. Operator card management: when operator needs to change data, he should swipe operator card to operate.
2. Rights management: role authorization, add the role through role management, authorize for the appointed role; Staff who owns the role can operate the corresponding function.

2.    System function overview

    Membership charging system consists of hardware like computer, handheld POS device, IC card reader, authorization card, user card, etc.
     Install IC card membership charging system software in the headquarters computer, connect IC card reader, distribute and recharge cards for users through IC card reader. Users carry their cards to consume by swiping cards with handheld POS device at each consumer point, then the consumption data is transmitted to headquarters computer by USB cable of handheld POS device which is connected to computer or GPRS wireless. The data automatically generate report forms, the consumption details can be checked on the software. Each set of membership charging system has a unique authorization code, cards can be consumed with internal handheld POS device only in the same set of charging system. There are not consuming rights for other cards, this strongly guarantees data exchange security.

3.    System consumption patterns

It divides into two deduction patterns: times consumption and amount consumption

4. System equipment

a)    handheld charging device features:

●    Support multiple consumption patterns
●    Support blacklist, GPRS/USB transmission
●    Support printing receipt
●    Check consumption details
●    Three kinds of consumption: cash, subsidies and times
●    Count consumption data(support printing after counting)

b)    IC card reader features:



Operating  VoltageDC 5V

Communication  InterfaceRS232

Power  loss≤3 W

Reading  distanceIC  card<125px

Read  Time≤0.3  second

Material:  Metal Shell

Operating  Temperature-10~+60